Wweishh | wordsmith. songstress

This was after an opening performance for a runway show. Sucks that I couldn't watch it as I had to draw at my drawing booth and there were all these people blocking but, although this was probably the third time I saw her live, just hearing the words and sounds were enough to touch my heart.

Mary | artist. illustrator. bookworm

One of the first few drawings of this series. It's always good to start off new stuff with friends first, to practice all the "can you stand here?", "can you look there?". I think we were catching up over Yong Tau Fu, talking about arty stuff and miscellaneous things...


Didn't get to speak to her much because 1. I was rushing off 2. she was very pretty I was very shyyyyy. She was working at Depression and she chose to put on this B&W roses jacket from their store for me to take pictures and draw. Such fun to draw!

Harng | designer. artist. pattern-addict

We were schoolmates and the first time I spoke to him was a quite interesting. He was carrying this enormous bag sewn from a huge rice sack, which my friend and I made years ago to be sold at Post-Museum. It's a one-off piece so it was so immediately recognisable. Seriously, what are the chances!? So we have been friends since. I realise that he would snap pictures of random cushions and carpets and stuff with patterns that he likes, always finding inspiration in small things and learning and keeping an eye out for beautiful things.

Nadia | model. events manager. katwoman

We were having an event at Kilo, where Nadia was working at. You know, sometimes, when you meet someone so gorgeous (and mind you, she modelled for Marc Jacobs) and you can't help but feel nervous. That was me for 2 seconds, until I realised she's super down to earth and friendly and said that she likes to use her Yesah fanny pack like a beer stall auntie. 

Unknown Japanese Lady

She was getting onto a cab, carrying loads of grocery bags on both arms, wearing a beautiful white yukata with a sheer polka-dotted robe thingy. It was so bizarre and interesting but it happened too fast for me to take a photo. So I drew a picture afterwards.

Amanda | A.K.A sounds. dj. it girl

We were bringing friends from overseas to Blujaz to experience some local culture and funsies, and for Amanda's DJ set. She was decked out in Kenzo x H&M (she was one of the ambassadors) so I had the pleasure of drawing a messed-up version of that tiger on her shirt. And that dj set, although I knew none of the songs (shh I live under a rock), was still super fun!

Fiona Xie | actress. model. celebrity

This was the first time I met Fiona Xie, it was at Cherry Discotheque and I was a little starstruck. I said hi and she said her name's Fiona. As if she needed an introduction!? She then bounced away after the photo to dance with a group of girls whom I think she actually doesn't know. That was so cute! Months and months later when I had my solo show at SPRMRKT, she happened to be one of the guests invited by the wonderful events manager. It was all too cool to meet her again and to be able to speak with her at lengths about art in Singapore and abroad. Honestly, I'm afraid sometimes to approach celebrities or people I can only adore from afar, because what if they are shitty, aloof people? And then your perfect image of them is destroyed. But when they are actually really nice, it does restore a bit of my faith in humanity and reminds me that no matter what we do we can always choose to be lovely human-beings.

Aris | fashion and blogging extraordinaire

Aris is one of those people that catches everyone's attention immediately and embrace it like her own skin. I really enjoyed drawing her because it's so apparent that she dares to be different, and be herself, and just doesn't really care if you stare. Please go check out her
website, it's cool ttm.

Nat | fashion designer at mash-up

Nat and Syirr (on the right) was first in line for the autograph sesh with Patrick Wolf after his phenomenal show at Esplanade. My friends and I were second. Sorry Lisa Hannigan, we just weren't there to watch you :( Nat was wearing this vintage shirt with crazy 90s prints and some very happening pants (the patterns on his pants are in the background), which evidently caught my attention. We started chatting, and I found out that he is one of the brains behind Mash-up! It's amazing to randomly meet people and find that they have been the creators of things that you have liked all along. In that 15 minutes, we also shared the disappointment of Patrick Wolf being too unwell to sign our stuff...

Kenny | fashion designer. stylist. owner of Depression

When I started this project, Kenny was one of the first few people that I thought of drawing. From the days I met him, when he and partner Andrew had a tiny tiny shop in Far East Plaza, till today whereby their store has expanded to several units big and Depression has gained so much recognition, he's still the same guy. Doing the same things he loves, dressing up in bold layers and drapes and always so humble and chill.

Anonymous Auntie

That necklace was too darn crazy to not draw!? I met this lady in her 50s/60s (I think?) at an exhibition opening. She didn't want to tell me her name, but she was happy to let me take a photo and told me that her accessories are all one-off designer pieces from all over the world. Early-inspo for later days.

PAYNK the Street

is an on-going personal project, where I capture new friends that I meet, old friends that I love and people who had left an impression on me, in quick little sketches.

Click images to enlarge.

Ida | hotel & events manager

I had the pleasure of working with Ida for a couple of events at The Vagabond Club, one of the most gorgeous boutique hotel in Singapore imo. While everyone is going minimal and all, they are going the opposite direction because that's just the way they roll. Anyway, this was their previous "uniform". Prettiest hotel staff uniform I've seen.


She had a really cool pin of a hand holding a cigarette. Although I don't smoke anymore, I find the way fingers and hands look when holding a cigarette is really elegant. Perhaps because that might be the only time anyone hold something so thin and fragile and possibly precious with just their index and middle fingers. Yet it's supposed to be badass. I like that.

Cherie | musician. model. 

Confession: I drew this based on a photo that wasn't taken by me. It was from Mash-up's lookbook. But I was at the launch of this collection and this t-shirt dress really caught my eyes. So I went to snoopy around their Instagram and found this picture of Cherie wearing that dress, and being the nosy spy that I am, I also found that she's a musician with a really quirky sense of humour.

Andrew | fashion designer. stylist. owner of Depression

When I met Andrew with his partner in crime Kenny years ago, I was fresh out of JC, and to meet entrepreneurs like them was eye-opening. I probably had not spoken to anyone so passionate about and committed to what they do.